"Alyssa spread rumors around the school just before we graduated and they broke up leaving Rebecca devastated. She tried her best to keep her cool but Alyssa was testing her limits. They were best friends in 7th grade but that changed with the blink of an eye."

Rebecca Simmons, is a student at Interlake High School.She went to middle school with Brian and Penelope along with Alyssa. She was a victim of Alyssa's rumors

About RebeccaEdit

Sometime before the events of Rainy Beginnings, Alyssa and Rebecca were best friends in Middle School. They were always close to one another and they did everything together.

Everything had changed once Rebecca had got a boyfriend.Alyssa had become insanely jealous of her and she spread multiple rumors about her and her boyfriend.

At the end of the middle school, Rebecca figured out that Alyssa started the rumors and she confronted her at the dance. It ended the friendship between the two and Rebecca broke it off with her boyfriend.

Rebecca is a student at Interlake High School currently.



Brian and Rebecca rarely talked to each other.They had multiple classes together with each other throughout middle school and high school.


Rebecca and Penelope seemed to get along well.They were good friends in 8th grade until the Alyssa incident,in which Rebecca stopped talking to Penelope for a short time.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Rebecca is described to have long brown hair cascading in curls to her back. She is average height.


Rebecca is the first known victim of Alyssa

Rebecca lives within the same neighborhood of Alyssa

She is the third female character to be introduced,after Alyssa and Penelope

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