Rainy Beginnings is the first book in the Getting Through the Hardships series. The story takes place in Fairhaven, a city in the Northwestern United States


Local Teen, Brian Anderson is entering High School for the very first time. His best friend from middle school,Penelope is with him throughout all 4 years of High School. He endures many difficulties and triumphs, including meeting a sexual crazed teen who is having severe difficulties with his relationships and dealing with a teen boy who is a menace to him. "I thought this would be easy"


Brian Anderson-Main Protagonist

Penelope Reinn Lannister- Main Protagonist/Brian's best friend

Jonathan Isaac Monette- Protagonist

Noah Renner-Brian's good friend from 5th grade

Alexander Richardson-Antagonist, Jonathan's abusive boyfriend

Alyssa Steen- Antagonist, Penelope's enemy since 8th grade

Nicholas Levac- Antagonist, Penelope's ex boyfriend

Andrew Christopher Demetri-Brian's long time friend

Jennifer Fallgatter-ASB President

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