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"He's a handsome young man with interesting features.He had jet black hair with a blonde streak going across his face. He's slim with bright green eyes"-Brian on Jonathan.

Jonathan Isaac Monette is a teenager at Interlake High School.He is Best friends with Brian and Penelope and the boyfriend of Alexander Richardson


Jonathan began attending Interlake High School during his Sophmore Year. It is unknown what previous High School he went to. He first befriended Penelope during some time in a science class on his 3rd day of class. They really hit it off and he soon befriended Brian and they became best friends in school. Brian didn't really like Jonathan at first due to his "uptight" attitude.
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From left to right Noah,Jonathan,Jennifer,Noahn,and Penelope

Relationship with AlexanderEdit

Jonathan first revealed himself as being gay to Penelope. His Boyfriend Alexander is always a Interlake High School Student. They began dating at the end of 7th grade after a school project. They seemed to "love" one another and they were always together.

Once Jonathan Transferred to Interlake, Alexander came along with him so they could be together. Jonathan believed this to be a sign of obsession causing a strain in their relationship. At the end of Sophmore Year, Penelope and Brian began noticing some issues with their relationship.Soon after a talk with Penelope, Jonathan broke up with Alex.During the last week of school,Alex stalked most of Jonathan's friends, especially Brian to interrogate them about Jonathan. Jonathan didn't show up to school that week causing chaos at Interlake.The chaos grew worse for Penelope and Jonathan when Alex stalked them to Seattle on the last day of school. Once Jonathan found out,he arranged them to talk to him about meeting at a local Mall to talk. Penelope also hatched her own plan to secretly get them back together without Jonathan's consent. At the end of the day, Jonathan "took back" Alex,leaving a emotional strain on him.

Later that summer, Jonathan went through a horrific depression envolving all of the emotions and hell he went through with Alex. He removed his blonde dye from his hair for a month and hid from the world. Brian was deeply concerned with him believing that he was suicidal. So Penelope told him what he had to do after several conversations with him. 

Brian,Penelope,Jonathan, and Alex met at a local cafe and finally Jonathan broke up with him once and for all. Alex was oblivious to the suffering Jonathan was going through,but he finally "accepted" and moved forward.

Once school started,Jonathan continued to hang around with Penelope,Brian,and now Noah. They went to the Homecoming dance and Alex was there. Jonathan tried his best to avoid him until Alex pleaded with him to talk. Alex took him to a quiet hallway and stabbed him with a blade to get back at him for treating him so bad. Alex then left Jonathan to bleed to death in the hallway of the school while he disappeared.

After the Attack.Edit

"There was blood spilling through the doorway. The whole dance was shut down and screams were heard throughout the building. Sirens quickly silenced the screams as the paramedics broke through the doors to save a injured Jonathan"

After Jonathan was almost killed,His entire personality had changed. His parents questioned him multiple times about who did and Jonathan fell silent. His parents then took him out of Interlake High School for the rest of Junior Year to protect him. Penelope and Brian were horrified about the incident and they supported his parent's decision. He was homeschooled the rest of the year and well taken care of by his parents.

Senior Year,Coming Back to School.Edit

Jonathan had seen no sign of Alex so he was ready to return back to school. His parents were skeptical about the idea but they finally released him to go to school. He continued his studies.

Half way through senior year, Jonathan's parent's warned him that after graduating, he would be forced to move with them to Portland if he doesn't find a new place to live. Jonathan was hurt but also determined to stay. Ironically, Brian's dad purchased a small house in another part of Seattle for his schooling. Brian then offered Jonathan to stay but they didn't let Penelope know about the plan, angering her. Once they finally did tell her,she was furious and they didn't speak to each other the rest of senior year.Jonathan tried his best to talk to her,but Penelope didn't want anything to do with them. She felt bad that she couldn't help him enough and the fact that Brian didn't let her know anything.

Graduating,Moving ForwardEdit

Jonathan,Brian,and Penelope graduating high school in 2013. The graduation ceremony was difficult for Jonathan and Brian because Penelope refused to talk to them. Shortly after graduation, Jonathan and Brian moved in to their new home in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle.

Jonathan and Brian settled in quite nicely to their home. They enrolled in College but they took a semester off from school due to no financial help.

Return of AlexEdit

In September of 2013, Alexander got a tip from a woman that Jonathan and Brian were "In a relationship". Angered, he headed back to Seattle to hunt them down, He found Brian while exploring Queen Anne and followed him home. Once Brian was in the house, Alex climbed through his backyard and tried letting himself in the house.Jonathan went home to see Alex trying to break in. Alex was screaming "Where is he?!". Jonathan quickly picked up his phone and called the police. Once Alex realized that Jonathan was calling the police,he disappeared yet again.


Jonathan is a taller slim young man with Olive skin,Jet black hair, and Bright green eyes. He's 5'10 and sometimes he dyes part of his hair blonde which is usually never cut.


Jonathan's only known family members are his mother and father.


Jonathan is the first openly gay character introuced the series

Jonathan began dating Alex in 7th grade.

Jonathan is the 3rd character to end a relationship,After Rebecca and Penelope

Jonathan is the only character to be fatally harmed

It is unknown what Middle school or High School he attented before Interlake, It is presumed that it is in the Seattle Area.

Jonathan is one of 2 characters to not attend Interlake High School all 4 years, the first being Alex.

Jonathan's signature look is his black hair and blonde streak

Jonathan's favorite color is green.

Jonathan is the first male character to have his middle name revealed.

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Jonathan during high school

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