Fairhaven is a mountain community located somewhere in the Northwestern United States. It is the setting for Getting Through the Hardships

About Fairhaven Edit

Fairhaven has a population around 525,000 people with numerous neighborhoods located throughout the valley Fairhaven sits in. The city is known for it's beautiful forests, great nightlife,educational institutions. Fairhaven is considered an ideal city to start a family with numerous awards including happiest place to start a family 3 years in a row.

Geography Edit

The City has an area of 94 square miles located in a high valley surrounded by Mountain peaks, Gracious forests, and meadows. The topography of the city is mostly flat with hills and ridges located mostly on the edges of the city.

Fairhaven has an elevation of 3,793 feet. The mountains that surround the city are of an elevation between 6,000 and 9,000 feet above sea level. The tallest Mountain in Fairhaven County is Mt Winchester which is 9,346 feet above Sea Level. Mt Winchester receives snow every year making it a prime skiing and snow destination.

Carbon Lake

Mountains Edit

There are four main mountain ranges that surround the city. These include

Winchester Mountains which include Mt Winchester-To the north of the city

Paloma Mountains-South of the city

Carbon Mountains featuring Carbon Lake to the east

McAdams Mountains to the west.

Each Mountain Range is surrounded by wildlife and forest areas. The city's largest forest is the Huntington National Forest which covers the city's southern mountains

Rivers/Lakes Edit

Fairhaven also has 4 rivers running through the city, The largest being Fairhaven River on the city’s west side. Other major waterways include Winchester Creek, Palo Verde Wash, and the Summerlin River.

Lakes are also a major part of the city. Most of the lakes and reservoirs are located in the forests of Fairhaven, with 2 lakes being within the city. The lakes include Raven’s Lake and Shadow Lake. Carbon Lake is a well known camp site and vacation destination to many Fairhaven citizens. It’s located 17 miles northwest of the city. Huntington Lake is the largest reservoir within the county, which is where the majority of Fairhaven gets water from. Huntington is located behind Huntington Dam which is 25 miles south of the city.

Neighborhoods Edit

Fairhaven is a city of mystery and discovery. Along it’s many alleyways, boulevards, and parkways, Fairhaven has a bit of everything for everyone. Fairhaven is known for its small neighborhoods that makes the city’s identity. Each neighborhood has it’s own traditions, schools, and population that makes living in one unique.

Fairhaven has the following neighborhoods

Highland Park, Ryancrest, Downtown, Midtown, Rosewood, Riverwalk,  Woodview, Grande Vista, Lincoln Heights, South Lincoln, Ravens Ridge, Glen Valley, Ortega, Harvest Creek, Fairway Park, Hunters Ridge, Stillwood, Huntington Woods, Whispering Creek,  Twin Valley, Shadow Vista, Summerlin Gateway, Palo Verde, Willow Ridge, Manchester, Winchester, and El Dorado Creek.

The largest neighborhood in the city if Lincoln Heights, which is located just south of Midtown and Downtown Fairhaven.

Many neighborhoods are considered to be suburban based on atmosphere. For a more city typed lifestyle, one would consider living in Lincoln Heights, South Lincoln, Rosewood, and Palo Verde which are located close to Downtown and Midtown Fairhaven.☀

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